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Watch me slowly strip out of plaid skirt & bikini top!! Lot's of boob & butt action! Masturbation & toy from all angles! 8 minutes. $25.00 Amazon gift card. Email "Bikini strip video & yr address. Shipping included "domestic only". Scroll down to see more video's

MUST BE 18 yrs of age or older!

Now stock or custom videos & panties can be bought through my gift list on Amazon. Details and special offers at the bottom of the page

Email me at (see stock videos below. 
TELL ME WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE!!  custom video, photo shoot or sexy worn panties!! 

Special offers

Anal! Watch me bend over & strip out of my silk robe!! At the end we finish with big anal! Much larger toy than I use live!  $25 Amozon gift card Email "silk robe video" & yr address. Shipping included "domestic only".

Watch me bend over strip, masturbate & pound my toy from behind & on my back!! 4 minutes 30 seconds. $20.00 Amazon gift card & Email code "Dress shirt strip video" & yr address. Shipping included "domestic only".
If you would like a stock or custom video(s) burned to your very own DVD & personalized by me, Panties or even a custom photo shoot!!
Use yr Amazon account it's discreet, easy  & safe. Trade amazon gift card credit for what you would like!! Amazon link above or below. Click gift card on my wishlist & purchase what you would like...
Email me at  specify your order & your address. I usually can ship yr order the next day. 24 hours from gift card purchase and my confirmation email to you.

For custom videos make sure we make arrangements via email for content, length & price before purchasing the gift card. I want to make sure yr totally comfortable & happy with what i'm sending you!!)

$45 for worn sexy panties including shipping to yr door (domestic). 

**Ask me about a custom video DVD.Will quote price per video based on duration and content.
       2 videos for $40.00   All 3 videos for $50.00  
        Sexy soaked panties! 2 pairs & 12 hot xx pics on disc for $75.00

         All 3 videos, pair of panties & 12 hot xx pics $100.00 
        (Domestic shipping included) 


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